You promised you’d come!  Come on, don’t let us down!  There will be beer.  Facebook Event


Things are going great!  We have some new material in the works, and we have some shows in the works too!  Make note, friends!  It will definitely be worth your while…  

Also: we ARE looking to fill our summer calendar with MUCHO SHOWS!  So if you know where we can play - let us know!  Have a basement?  We’ll play there!

July 24th - Latitude 44 - 8pm

September 10th - Latitude 44 - 7:30pm


We have two upcoming shows, and more in the works.  Stay tuned!

So far we have:

  • July 24th @ Latitude 44 with Git Some, Swan King, and SoMo
  • September 10th @ Latitude 44 with More Than Enough, In Search of Atlantis, and Typical Hunks

Oh yeah…  I just ate some nachos.  Bye.


How does July 24th sound to you?  I bet you’d like to listen to some music and drink some beer on that date.  Of course you would.  We all know how much you like to listen to music, and we certainly all know how much you like to consume alcoholic beverages… 

           …I knew we could count on you.

Deerhead will be performing on July 24th, 2011 at Latitude 44.  The other bands are Git Some and Swan King.  More info to come soon!

Lastly, how about some eXtreme yoga metal!?!?!


Grats @ Madison!

I wish I could say we played a show while we were in Minneapolis… or even that we saw a show while we were in Minneapolis…  but, oh well.  Maybe next time.

Oh look!  A picture from The Basement show!  Send us some if you took any :) deerheadtheband@gmail.com

Jay Trobec is telling me I’m going to die tonight.  Does it hurt when tornadoes rip you apart?  Do you get ripped apart in a tornado?  Maybe it’s more of a ‘blend’…  just add flax and some whey…


I wanted to make it “band haircut night”, but Scott wasn’t there and no one else wanted to cut their hair.  Afterwards, people consumed alcohol.


For those who came to love and fear Dirtfedd…

For those who missed the show at The Basement…

For those who just love to see shit destroyed…


Cover band playing a small town bar hands out name tags for everyone: you should have been there.

The show in Sioux Falls @ The Basement was a lot of fun: we are looking for anyone with any pictures of the show - we forgot to tape it or take our own pictures.  Please email any you have to deerheadtheband@gmail.com.  Thanks!


A great man once said:

Screw around

Screw around

Soon you won’t

Be Around

Make sure to come to our show tomorrow @ The Basement, downtown SF!


Scott, Emily, Mark


Two more days until our show at The Basement in Downtown Sioux Falls.  Join us at 9pm for some indie rock!  The Basement is right next to the Top Hat.